Dental Implants


Age: 46                                                                 Gender: Female

Type of Case: Replacement of a missing tooth using single implant, with 5 years follow up.

Pre Operative:

Chief Complaint:   

  • Patient complained of missing lower back tooth.

 pre-operative-maximum-intercuspation-left-side-dental-implants-case-4pre-operative-maximum-intercuspation-right-side-dental-implants-case-4pre-operative-dental-implants-case-4Clinical Findings: 

  • Missing 36.
  • Existing metal crown wrt 46
  • Generalized spacing in the upper anterior teeth

Alternative Treatment Plan:

  • Fixed partial denture wrt 35,36,37
  • Removable partial denture wrt 36.

Treatment Plan:

  • Restoration of the missing tooth by dental implants.

Treatment Procedure:

  • Diagnostic models were fabricated and mounted in maximum intercuspation.
  • Mock up was made.
  • Implant was placed in 36 region and left for 3 months to heal.
  • Second stage surgery was carried out and healing abutment was given.
  • Final impressions were made using  closed tray implant level impression.
  • Screw retained final prosthesis was delivered.
  • A 5 years follow up was carried out and the crestal bone levels with a good soft tissue contour have been maintained.

Post Operative:

opg-after-dental-impalnt-case-4restoration-of-missing-tooth-dental-implants-case-4restoration-of-missing-tooth-2-dental-implants-case-4post-operative-dental-implants-case-4Follow up:


Treatment Done By:


  • Dr. Sujay Gopal BDS, FICOI
  • Dental Surgeon & Implantologist



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